Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's Kickball time!!

 I talked a little in my last post about the average cost of adoption and the purpose for fundraising. I posted that I would share details of the fundraiser that we are planning and so, here it goes...

First, I'd like to share a little bit on the need for a fundraiser.
I read a post online from an adoptive family that was discouraged because someone had asked them why they felt others should give them money for their adoption, when it was their desire to adopt in the first place?...seemed like a harsh question at a selfish question. Wow! how could they ask that? Truth is, it's a very honest question. Why should anyone give us money to help pay for our adoption; after all, we made the decision to do this, shouldn't we make sure we have the money first?

I want to answer these questions as follows- first of all, we believe The Lord will provide the monetary means for this adoption if it is in fact, His will that we adopt and we fully believe it is. This fundraiser is merely an opportunity  (we pray) that The Lord uses to show His faithfulness in giving us what is needed-through the means of His people. James 1:27 is not just a command to visit orphans in their time of need, it is a showing of true sacrificial christian love. Caring for the orphan may not mean that you physically bring one into your family, but, it may mean caring in the way of helping a family with the means to bring an orphan into their home.

Another example of the need for support in adoption is to imagine every couple that was to have a child had to pay "out of pocket" for everything...if that were the case, there wouldn't be many babies born...most people can't imagine that because they have insurance that covers everything; appointments, testing, and time off of work. Adoption doesn't come with an insurance plan or a payment plan. It all has to be paid in full. With every adoption, there is the potential to lose funds and not get them back- this money is labeled "at risk" costs. Our goal in this fundraiser is to raise enough that would cover this cost in the event that the birth mother changes her mind. To lose between $7-10,000 (which has been the average "at risk" cost), would devastate our efforts in the pursuit of adoption....and so the need to raise the funds. We are not just asking for your money, but your compassion for a child who needs a family and the love to help them get one!

There are so many ways to have a fundraiser. We wanted to come up with something fun and exiting that the whole family could enjoy. It's not just about receiving money, but about building relationships, laughing, eating, cheering, and some clean, healthy competition. We don't want a fundraiser where folks feel obligated to come and participate, but rather, where they would find joy in supporting the cause!

So as some of you already know, our fundraiser to raise awareness and support for our adoption is a...

 If you'd like to play, volunteer or just come out and watch or for more information and to sign up! visit our website at

See ya on the field!

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